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Get Pluto for your health system or research needs.
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Pluto is delivered to patients through health researchers
and providers.

We believe in providing data for good— and we're focusing our initial efforts by offering Pluto through providers or as part of a clinical trial. By delivering it this way, we can maintain patient and organizational privacy without having to monetize the data on the backend. Data can stay with the patient or shared with a designated entity.

Most clinical trials, patients, and health systems, don't want their data shared--we understand that.

We provide access to medical records from multiple health systems and insurance data that's clinical trial grade.

Access to millions of health records and thousands of health systems.

  • Within Minutes
    Access to siloed health & Insurance records

    Access to Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, and more...

  • Quick Access
    No need for portal log-ins to use Pluto

    Patient's don't need to have a patient portal log-in to start with us -- we can use basic information

  • Patient-Centered
    No need to remember provider names

    We've designed a streamlined process, minimizing need for recall, that is easy to use.

  • Longitudinal engagement
    Follow and connect with patients over time

    We're in it for the long haul with patients, even if a study ends or they switch health providers. Keep the lines of communication open no matter what.

  • Privacy Protected
    and HITECH

    Our tools meet hospital and clinical trial standards

  • Security
    HITRUST & FDA CFR Compliance

    We're unique because we have designed Pluto to meet clinical trial needs, making sure data integrity and authentication processes are up to speed.

How we can work together
Are you a provider or research organization?

Pluto can be offered in three ways:

  • provided as a unique offering
  • white-labeled
  • integrated with existing services
Frequently asked questions
What would you like to know?

Email us at

  • What can you do? What is your access and coverage?

    We've built systems that have synchronized over 200 million records. Now, we're making an ecosystem where this is also made available to patients. We can access Medicare and about 85% of health providers in the US, which translates to millions of health and insurance records.

  • How is your solution unique for research?

    We've structured our tools to maintain regulatory integrity. Beyond HIPAA-compliant data aggregation, we understand that collecting data for research requires specialized features, security, and data handling.

  • Why is your privacy policy special for clinical trials?

    We keep it simple. We don't share any medical information without permission. For clinical trials, it's often important to keep data within the research group. We understand this. Many data aggregation companies share copies with outside third parties, which can be problematic for clinical research (and patients).

  • How do we start working with or contract with Pluto?

    Our offerings are flexible for organizations. Feel free to email us at to let us know what you need or are interested in.

  • What makes using Pluto unique for patients?

    We've developed Pluto around patient experience, making sure that it's easy to use. Clunky processes such as remembering the name of doctors and patient portal log-ins are not required to start with Pluto.

  • What if I'm a patient and want access to Pluto?

    Currently, we only deliver Pluto through our health partners and research projects. Please contact us and we can reach out to a health partner in your network or link you up with a research group that can get you connected.